Academy of applied arts:Tips to decor small space

Decorating the small space needs to face many challenges but if you go right you may find the best decor of your own choice even at small space.Academy of applied arts introduces you to some of the tips to get the right management of decorating space.

Interior design

Interior design

1. Get organized. As academy of applied arts say,Before you can design the perfect space, you absolutely must get organized. The key to maximizing the beauty of a small space is to give everything a home. Make sure that the stuff you are storing in your bedroom are all things that you use and need, and donate everything else.

2. Make your furniture multitask. Look to combine beauty and function when selecting furniture. Think beds with extra storage, nightstands with drawers, and tall armories.

3. Bring in the light. Light is key to making your space feel larger. Academy of applied arts suggest that If you have windows and lots of natural light, make sure to highlight them with beautiful window treatments. Fabulous bedside lamps and a nice ceiling fixture are always a great addition to any space.Mirrors are also the ideal wall decor for small spaces because they are decorative and reflect light into a space.

4. Think vertical. When floor space is precious, make sure you are maximizing your wall space. Take advantage of the walls by selecting a tall armoire, bookshelf, or dresser. Also, when hanging draperies, make sure to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible to maximize the visual height of the space.

5. Design like you dress. Keep your color palette simple, and don’t go for multiple statement pieces. Invest in items that are timeless, and have fun with accents that can easily be swapped in and out for seasons or style changes.



Academy of Applied Arts explains: Retail Design

Retail Design is a specialized field of design, distinct from Interior Design, the purpose of which is to create retail space that communicate and sell in a consistent, creative and effective manner.

The object of Retail Design is to mould a retail space so as to create an ambient and compelling buying environment. An environment that is intuitive, informative, delightful and that helps the brand in establishing a signature look as well as a relevant brand connection with its customers.

“A retail format is in the category where function is sovereign. A store that does not entice a client while being informative is as improbable as it is useless”.


  • Store Planning And Layout
  • Fixtures And Furniture
  • Texture And Material
  • Role Of Color
  • Lights And Lighting
  • Window Displays
  • In-store Displays
  • Ambience And Mood – Creation
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Store And Product Security
  • Planogramming
  • Anthropometrics And Ergonomics
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Studies
  • Practical Workshops

Academy of applied arts:Visual Merchandising for increased footfall

We all live in a world in which the traditional, physical store is everything. And why wouldn’t it be so; after all people still believe in the practice of going out to shop for products and thus don’t merely rely on e-commerce for all the shopping.

Only architects and space planners are the experts of solid, dimensional walls, floors and ceilings, lighting and HVAC, to say nothing about configuring the space to accommodate the modern digital world. The creative display that they create establishes the image and brand of the store, thus adding to its uniqueness in terms of look and feel.

The stores compete for visual attention as it is the first step to induce sales. If the store doesn’t score on its visual aspects then it certainly can’t gather the footfall too. Everything the customer sees, both exterior and interior, that creates a positive image and results in attention, interest, desire and action on part of the buyers.

Hence Visual Merchandising holds a great importance for the success of a store for the fact that it improves business’s productivity and boosts the sales by converting a “Walk by” into a “Walk in”. This indicates that the ability to motivate the potential customers to come inside is essential to the success of every operation that deals with consumers.

At Academy of Applied Arts we believe-“If it does not enhance selling, it is not Visual Merchandising” and thus feel that visual merchandising is utterly important for the success of every business that deals directly with the consumers. For this, we help budding interior and retail designers refine their design knowledge and skills, in the process allowing them to channel their creative gifts into something commercially productive. It seems like the time to exercise that great creativity is now as Visual Merchandising has taken an eminent place as an occupation as well a service that most businesses would like to spend hefty amount on.

So, all the creative people with keen interest in décor must rise and get admission in Academy of Applied Arts to brush up their skills and get firsthand experience in the industry.

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Academy of applied arts:Retail Week Interior Awards

Academy of applied arts presents some of the designs awarded in Retail Week Interior Awards:


Awarded by the judges as the ‘best of the best’, this is the premier accolade at the Retail Interior awards. To stand a chance of winning you simply need to enter a store interior for one of the other award categories and it will automatically become a contender for this award. The winner will be a store that has raised profits as well as profile



Good lighting sets the stage for a store. Good fixturing adds to this and this award aims to recognise the retailer that successfully combines market-leading lighting and fixturing. Innovation in store lighting has been one of the hallmarks of good design recently – this needs to be made explicit in the entry.



The judges will be looking for all-round design and layout excellence. The store that is nominated must sell food, as well as the many other categories that we now accept as typical of the sector. Everybody shops for food and so everyone will have a view on this category. This has been one of the most rapidly changing sectors in UK retail and any entry should be brimful of innovation.



This award recognizes one of the UK’s most vibrant sectors and the contribution made by its players to the retail landscape. Entries should be for an entire store and will probably demonstrate retail theater in the best sense of the term.


academy of applied arts,academy of applied arts,academy of applied arts,interior design,interior design


academy of applied arts,academy of applied arts,academy of applied arts,interior design,interior design

Academy of applied arts:Importance of Retail design

Academy of applied arts proposes the importance of retail design. According to Academy of applied arts, effective retail design can have a tangible and far-reaching impact on a business. It can increase footfall and sales, ensure that a brand is correctly positioned (and here to re-align where it is not), and allow differentiation from its competitors.

For Academy of applied arts, without a doubt, effective design helps to boost customer understanding and enjoyment of the products and the brand itself – and therefore sales! Retail design helps to narrate the brand and product story, educate consumers about the pieces, and – ultimately – make the items displayed more desirable as a result.

Design should indeed drive sales. Of course, it does not exist in a vacuum – the product, distribution, staff, pricing and location need to be considered – but good design should deliver increased sales. We have seen recently completed projects recording a 40% spike in sales above aggressive targets, because the brand has been captured and correctly portrayed in-store as a brand touch point.

The store environment is the ultimate showcase and the physical touch point between the brand and the customer. It physically and emotionally reaches out and embraces them and it’s also a great opportunity to actually talk to customers directly. Creating this space where a customer can be completely immersed in the brand really brings it to life and is what allows a customer to fall in love with a brand, becoming a true brand advocate.

In the digital age its importance only increases. As customers can buy almost everything online, retail environments definitely need to offer a richer experience for consumers than ever before. The physical space can be smaller and the levels of stock can be lower but the actual experience needs to be more stimulating with the brand turning up the volume on aspects such as design, knowledge and service.

Academy of applied arts explains a great example that was a recent overhaul which we did for The Whisky Shop of their flagship store. The Whisky Shop wanted a design which educated and informed its consumers whilst reflecting the high-end credentials of the brand. Their newly designed store brings the product and the process behind its creation to life, whilst retaining its premium feel. The overhaul of their flagship store confirmed their correct brand positioning as accessible luxury, and has given the brand a well-established platform from which to aim onwards and upwards. A further demonstration of the success is that The Whisky Shop later rolled the design out to their regional flagship store in Manchester.

The environment in which products and services are displayed and purchased does add an inherent value and consumers infer a huge amount about the relative merits of a brand from their in-store experience. Even other players in the retail space will elevate their perception of a brand and store as a result of the messages their in-store environment portrays.

Retail design also has an incredibly important role to play in positioning a brand to its consumers – and, perhaps more importantly, re-positioning it when it’s incorrectly aligned. Interestingly, one of our clients even told us that their staff retention rate was much higher, their employees were more engaged and proud of their work, and that even the standard of applicant to each new position was much increased. It’s evident that correct positioning impacts on every aspect of your retail brand in a virtuous cycle.

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Academy Of Applied Arts : Alumni

apeksha_bakshi “It’s the art of the faculty to channelize inborn creativity among students. Being taught by Mr. Ashmit S. Alag was a lifetime experience and the most cherished one. I have come across many learned faculties through school and college but none like him. Such advance and vast knowledge he imparts to his students with so much passion that it just makes learning a fun activity. Academy has offered me projects like Millionaire, Mehrasons Jewellers, Om Book Store, O2 and Kay which enlightened my creative skills and gave me confidence and exposure. I just couldn’t ask for more”

Swati_Garg1“Opportunity strikes only once. And I am thankful to Academy of Applied Arts for providing me the right platform to pursue the career of my choice. The academy is equipped with world class infrastructural facilities. The faculty is very encouraging and guides you at each and every step. My interest in the course has increased manifold due to all the intriguing projects. The practical experiences during various site visits and the internship they provide help you to meet the industry requirements.”

Tanu-Verma1“I aspired of becoming a Visual Merchandiser, coming across the fact that more and more people are getting aware of the subject, Academy of Applied Arts made it possible and helped me to comprehend the subject in a broader way. I am also thankful to Academy of Applied Arts for giving me an opportunity to work as a Visual Merchandiser for one of the leading brands ‘Marks & Spencer’ and I still cherish it in the finest ways I can.”

Nadim-Saliba1“I still hear the echo of the teachers. They really showed me how to think outside of the box, and I got to live their experience and see things from a professional perspective. Besides, what can we say about the Incredible India?!”

nipun1“I have always enjoyed the art and designs from my childhood. I can recall spending most of my time at Academy of Applied Arts just drawing and being inspired to make and design anything and everything! The support and encouragement of Academy of Applied Arts helped me to grow in my skills in every possible way! Now working at Big Life Ritu Wears and giving a tangible shape to every idea i learned at Academy”







Academy of Applied Arts : Industry Reviews of Our Training Programs

Industry Reviews of Our Training Programs

“The discussion on local adaptation of international concepts is very useful. It will definitely help in developing an eye for detail”
Benetton India Pvt. Ltd

“In every means, this progamme helps me develop my skills and learn new international techniques that we can introduce in our country”
Nipun Sachdeva
Ritu Wears Biglife

“By applying certain theories, it shall enhance the image – brand building – sales in Ranna Gill Store”
Major Gill

“RAI workshop is really helpful for my Visual Merchandising work in future. Thanks and regards to RAI and Mr. Ashmit S. Alag”
Vimal Vijay K
Future Value Retail Ltd.

“Its going to help me and my organisation in terms of Visual Merchandising”
Sumit Kumar

“I am from different background, still whatever I learned here would definitely help me to work better in my professional life.”
Santosh K. Upadhyay
Home Store India Ltd.

“It will help us to understand the technicalities of Visual Merchandising and how we can help our retailers to use this technique. It will surely help to make better ambience of our mall”
Sushil Singh

“The programme conducted was very good and it will be beneficial for the growth of my organisation”
Arshad Ullah Khan
Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd.

“Helps to understand the science and art of VM in terms of consumer psyche and creates a good blend of business and creative perspective”
Mayuri Mohapatra
Madura Fashion & Lifestyle

“I would like to implement these ideas in my mall to enhance sales of retailers as well as to give new look and image to my mall”
Anudeep Kumar
Entertainment World Developers Pvt. Ltd.

“The presentation quality and relevance of content were excellent”
Gajpal Singh Rathore
Raymonds Ltd.

“Smart way to display”
Muthurajan Piwai
Westside Trent Ltd.

“This will help us to make our displays effective and beneficial for the customers”
Aishwarya Jhadav
Shoppers Stop

“This program benefited me a lot. This is my first workshop but I think I learned a lot from this workshop”
Siddharth A Seveka
Raymond Ltd.

“The worshop and presentation were excellent. It has led in understanding the consumers mindset and expectations and this will further get transferred to the team that will help them understand the same. Also, the workshop has made us feel the importance of colors, patterns, lights in displays as per recent standards”
Anjana Chakraborty
Future Value Retail Ltd.

“The workshop has been quite beneficial, we got to understand the basics and how we can develop the designing skills”
Snigdha Chaudhry
Furtados Music India Pvt. Ltd.

“Expecting some more of such seminars”
Neerad Doshi
Big Bazaar, Future Value Retail Ltd

“The workshop has proved to be extremely beneficial. I did not know a lot of basics which were taught here”
Amrit Plaha
CROSSWORD Bookstores

“This program has helped us understand retail from customer point of view. It will also help to improve and take our store and brand standards to a next level”
Tejal Samel
Shoppers Stop

“After the implementation of these ideas and concepts, we can grow our team and spread these similar ideas to the other retail clients which would ultimately result in the growth of our company”
Romim R. Suthar
Arvind Brands Pvt. Ltd.

“The discussion somewhere gave me an idea of where we stand and the way ahead, thanks for conducting this programme”
Jinita Mehta
Future Group

“This is the first seminar I attended and it was excellent. I learnt a lot from this seminar”
M.S. Ananth Kumar Naik
Big Bazaar

“The workshop has been beneficial in a lot of ways. Visual Merchandising has vast perspective in order to enhance business, performance etc. I understood it and I am very confident now. It is all because of your workshop. I really thank you for conducting such excellent worshop. You are the right person at right time. I am very positive now because I have understood the simplicty in effective communication”
Basavaraj V. H.
Future value Retail Ltd.

“It explains about all the revised aesthetics of the store. I have gained a lot of practical knowledge that will help me further, in my furturistic designs”
Raskin Naik
Reid & Taylor India Ltd.

“The seminar has made me much more aware of the details involved in Visual Merchandising
Titan Industries

“It will help me reduce my work load by simply creating a good display”
Xavier Dinup
Future Value Retail Ltd.

“This will help me educate the customer about what we sell”
K. Swamy Prakash
Arvind Brands Pvt. Ltd.

“Excellent I felt, I got one year of experience within these two days of workshop you conducted”
Mahendra V.
Big Bazaar

“The workshop is very good in terms of Visual Merchandising since I learned that, we can make optimum use of the minimum resources availble”
Lavith Basha
Arvind Retail Ltd

Welcome to Academy of Applied Arts



” If it does not enhance selling, it is not Visual Merchandising “

Academy of Applied Arts is India’s premier institute for Visual Merchandising, Retail Design and Interior Design. Backed by a highly qualified faculty we are vigorously engaged in teaching, researching and propagating these little understood fields of study and their enormous impact on the buying and selling of goods and services. Our decade long experience of providing design solutions to individuals, brands and companies across the globe enable us to bring our well honed expertise to India.

We help budding interior and retail designers refine their design knowledge and skills, in the process allowing them to channel their creative gifts into something commercially productive. This invariably opens up several professional avenues for our students and equips them with the skill sets that help them to thrive and succeed in the real world.

The growth pace of the income of India’s new consuming class is matched only by the growth of their aspirations. This has created not just a new consumer, but a new consumption paradigm called “Lifestyle Consumption”. This new lifestyle consumer demands not just the finest products and services but also the finest physical environment and habitats to enjoy them. Therein lays the untold and unrealised potential for Interior Design in India. Our in depth knowledge and domain expertise helps you to harness this potential by becoming a qualified Interior Design Professional.

Both Visual Merchandising and Retail Design as subjects are gaining importance as marketers in India scale up to international standards of retailing .However, information about VM is inadequate and talent is scarce . This creates a growing void between the demand and supply of a well trained and skilled workforce. A workforce that is much needed by retailers in India.

There are some institutes that partly address this need of India’s retail industry by churning out interior/fashion designers, who double up as visual merchandisers/retail designers. However, there are no singularly focused courses/programs that address the ever growing need for VM in India.

We at Academy of Applied Arts endeavor to bridge this gap by imparting quality education in these nascent yet potentially dynamic fields.